Self Care courses

Clinic garden Nov 2015Welcome

Please read the general self-care information here first.
I want to allow all who wish to help themselves through this empowering work to be able to do so. In sharing what I see as the most important part of any therapeutic intervention – your own self-care, and why anything else you do will be activated and enhanced.

This is the investment into your better life forever.

It is a small class – so intimacy and sacredness within sight of my bush land garden is assured.
I always run a course independent of this at the start of my Self Care courses – to give more credit points to those acupuncturists and midwives who may wish to come in – but mainly to allow context – as the tendency for even this work to lean on the physical model presented in western medicine means I get in with some of my nearly 40 years of wise womanly health care and life tips.

H in Rosita's gardenAdditional class . .
Especially for those who work with pregnancy and women who have birthed. We will dive into ourselves in the class ‘Healing After Birth’ – (as the babies we were and the mother, for our own mothers and as the mothers we are) how this has impacted who we are on the day of the Friday 17th – and how we can undo all of this to be free – as an entry into all the nourishing Arvigo®  work is, and does – but please aim to attend as it will broaden immeasurably your experience in the Arvigo® course.

To book you need to go to the official Arvigo®site.

It is a small class .  – please act now).

Early Bird extended as there are TWO spots to fill yet!! Please start this process as it is a small group and first in, takes their spot!

If you are ready to take this step into self awareness, self healing and self love we welcome you with open arms

Only 2 weeks til the class starts. A weekend to gift yourself a journey into yourself, to deepen the heal on yourself, those that came before and those that come after. This class is open to anyone that is ready to step through that gate.

'our song' Self Care training is a time to focus on your own digestive and reproductive health concerns. This course is designed to educate and empower you to use your own two hands to help yourself! You will learn techniques that are founded on the ancient Maya method of abdominal massage.

Further – if you are a health care professional, this class is entry into the upcoming PCT (professional Care Training) held in Australia in August, leading into the intensively useful to all maternal concerns Pregnancy/Fertility workshop.

(Next one is in NH, USA in October)

This is a great addition to the good that you already do. Simple, easy and profoundly gentle changes to be made in all of us – with a touch in the right place!!! Magic away all the aches, pains and grief often stuck in the physical, that itself holds up the whole body working as it could.