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If you are troubled by endometriosis/PCOS or other apparently hopeless gyne condition – let us unpack it.

Q – What is Pain?

A – A body warning system.

Q – Why is Pain?

A – Blockages of flows
Can you undo it? (YES) medical mystery (they are not even sure how it happens).

The answers are obvious when you understand how a well woman’s body works.

Endometrial tissue is only supposed to grow on the lining of the uterus. In strict adherence to minute hormonal changes. When life interrupts this fine balance, tissues can start to wander. In the case of endometriosis, it does.


There are simple natural ways to correct you back to easy periods.


Maybe ask yourself – “what has happened to shift me from my birthright – easy periods?”

Soothing hands. Yours. Please look at least checking out what YOU need to do as it is YOUR body that has been warning you – with little success that things have to change. ..

If you look to what is happening to create endometriosis, fibrods or PCOS or any deviation for the easy lives women are designed to have – you will see that the addition of what was never supposed to be with in (chemicals/heavy metals/toxins of various sorts) and the lack of quality raw ingredients means that when the misalignment, and thus the malnutrition of the inner organs and tissues occurs, all normal function may be lost.

Constant gentle self care may be all that you need.

I have seen almost miraculous changes in women’s bodies over the decades I have been working as a natural health care professional. Always undo what has happened to upset your body. It is not being ‘difficult’ to spite you – something is broken and is crying out for help.

Tools are given to you in your session. I also use whatever else may be indicated in my own hands-on sessions. Now I encourage all to have taken my courses as these few sessions to turn around your likely twisted pelvis. This may include minerals and sometimes Chinese herbs to assist in this process. Often products that help remove what has created your hormonal disruption. Over time, your body can and will heal itself.

Using the daily self care massage you will be taught in addition to the use of castor oil packs, steaming daily and possibly the many additions I have found useful, you will discover how to reverse out of this trouble. For good.

To see more of my work on how a well body works go to www.Heathersays.comĀ  Contact me for a booking here.

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