Pelvic Pain

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How does it help women who may have immense pelvic pain/dyspareunia/vuvladyna?

Often the congestion has built up from many years of neglect – and sometimes from a single fall or accident, vaccination reaction or operation/sexual incident when we trace it back. We may have imbalanced circulation from a single fall – often in childhood – that sets the entire life on a different course. Sacral and tail bone (coxcygeal) damage is essential to repair – hence the naproprathic and Central American mid-wives techniques as part of the session.

Women who have any pelvic pain will feel relieved, over time, through performing the self care massage and using the castor oil packs and taking advantage of the vaginal steams she has been shown in the Arvigo® sessions she has with me. There is a reason for the pain. You are not imagining it and do not need muscle relaxants, and anti depressants – but resolution of why the pain is there.

Pain is always a warning – so what is your body saying?
Let’s find out why it is there  .. Gently, naturally undoing the layers of blockages is easy when using the combination of the different modalities that I have to use – acupuncture, moxa, cupping vibrational remedies – including Aura Soma and Arvigo® techniques I have assembled.

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