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He is half the baby.

All farmers source the most expensive stud they can. Where has this obvious aspect of creation been lost? Often poor sperm is most of the reason for miscarriage (before 6 1/2 weeks I have noticed in clinic over these decades). So many women with partners whose sperm must be helped (ICSI) are told it is all about them and their age or eggs or AMH – and that he is ‘fine’. Not so. Sperm quality is so easy to change! Alter what it is being made from – and how it is being made and immediately things change.

Mel Pamment bubBUT . . .

I do strongly advise you to wait 4 months from starting changes to make to more likely an easy pregnancy and baby emerge. Sperm quality is his report card of strength/stamina or stress. Sperm like eggs maturing and the endometrial lining, are made from ‘what is leftover’.

Thus we turn to the gut – men often suffer needlessly from digestive woes. These impact on their ability to make good sperm. Any past incidents and accidents and operations may also be reducing appropriate circulation through their reproductive regions. This needs resolving before conception. Sperm quality and quantity are easy to improve

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