Bodies are designed to be intact


You hold your world and your future in your hands

Your womb needs to be respected, given space, and time to heal.

If you have already consented and lost her – please also read on.
If you are going towards this step – please reconsider and see if a natural health care approach may assist you to at least recover very well after surgery – IF it is still needed.

Perhaps at the very least see if we can work it out together – before you take such a drastic step.

See what can be healed.
Maybe even ask (someone who knows – not medical) why your body/uterus is upset?

HINT – what was happening pre operation will still go on.

Whatever that was/is will find another venues. And be worsened as/and – WHILST the after effects of having now a gaping hole in your middle – and all the resulting ligament loss of integrity is now with you – for life.

 What others have discovered after this

(No one tells you – no real informed consent)
You are not a collection of bits ..

Adverse Effects Data


1 – How does this work help women who have had a hysterectomy?

Women who have had hysterectomies benefit greatly from dedicated belly/pelvic womb work.  They may even need it more than most, as the ‘hole’/space created by the removal of their uterus will have caused other tissues and organs to sink. The health challenges that lead to this intervention may not have been resolved.

My decades of working with women places me in a unique spot – as an energy body mechanic – who also has many world wide traditions and lineages at my fingertips. We can work together to realign your physical and your emotional bodies.

What to do?

Let us play detective and to undo your life distress – reflected in your uterine warnings that have gone unbidden for so long. Circulation in and around the area of the scar and allows for proper flow of the lymph, which often becomes blocked after surgery, resulting in swelling, burning and deep aching pains in the pelvis.

Before or after an abdominal operation – adhesions undone and flows corrected is my goal

You will instantly feel lighter and taller and feel more space in your pelvis

By using gentle techniques on a regular basis, past adhesions and scar tissue may soften and loosen, allowing normal realignment within the pelvis. This will in turn relax your entire body. Any continence and prolapsing challenges as well as all digestive complaints may well be lessened, if not completely solved with the combination of the different modalities I have been using over the many decades of women’s wellness work.

A combination of all I do plus the perineal steaming, the use of simple effective home remedies and life experience make your journey into older woman hood simple. And rewarding.

Ligaments and all other remaining organs are benefited from improving circulatory flow to the pelvis.


2 – Prevention

Can this work help women who are told that they have a hysterectomy?


Fix why.
Possibly we could work together to see if the inner imbalances can be relieved allowing you to stay intact. As I have worked as a natural health care provider using predominantly acupuncture but also many other modalities including Chinese herbs, naturopathy and vibrational essences, it is likely that we may at least strengthen your inner being for the surgery for easier recovery.

Over the many decades, I have helped many women retain their body integrity, as we have undone what the orthodox medical realms have not been able to. At least start with using safe intimate care products as the standard products may well have been poisoning you slowly.

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Best contact me as we could easily undo so much of what you now find yourself stuck in – a very unhappy body.
The warnings were ignored, and the medical answer was not the solution for the actual root cause . .
Which is still running – now with embellishments  .

The offer . . .