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All I have online is to allow you to drop the veil so you see this also

Heather Says site – may begin your self help in earnest – how and why things ‘go wrong’ and how to bring your body back to balance.

Periods – covers all that happens in a woman’s body and the emotions – all of these have a common ‘raw ingredients; section as without what we need to run a well body it does falter.

Fertility – a focus on couple and him factors – her health is perfect, it means perfect periods – but she can’t do it alone – hence the male focus

Pregnancy – all that happen is an dafter pregnancy plus a well baby section – breasts, dad and of course birth preparation and recovery is all to be found within.
I am gradually re editing these – the content is massive and the period one took me three months to redo – so only being a small way into re editing the pregnancy one – it will in time be even more vast in usefulness. Why a rewrite? I developed these apps in my acupuncture mode – found the Arvigo work and am completely confident that the majority of all problems stem from not looking after ourselves well enough.
The self care part of the site Heather Says will set you straight on this score.
Please also get the eBooks and MP4 files for massage information (how you can play away the aches and pains your partner has – whilst written for pregnancy, it covers all bodies in all states) and the meditation MP3 as all of these will give you a living better tool kit – no need to go off and find therapists – once the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy is taught to you, and you are doing the self care – as you will have it all in your hands.

Links to my other sites

These direct you to the possible problems you are experiencing and what to do about things yourself. Empowerment and inspiration is the key. The content is based on my nearly 40 years of studying and being a practitioner, teacher and student of all traditional form of healing – the basis  in world medicine. This is why I would also direct you to the other sites I have – as theses also are full of what may spark your interest.
A lot may be seen to be from East Asia – and the TCM theme – as a teaching tool is there.
This means that when you have  problem – my first explanation will not be from the orthodox medial model – but what is happening and why – (note most medical texts have no idea why normal is not happening, but they can explore in depth what it is like physically.
Most of us are aware that our physical is a small component of who we are.
The energy that directs the body’s structures and the Soul that is within the vehicle are equally, if not more important.

Please see the meditation work I have here