Ix Chel and Mayan ‘helpers’

All traditional cultures had helpers. Those who were considered to be there for assistance. In modern times all seem to be tied into a one God (male). Most older cultures saw the earth as the mother/ creator of life, provider of all things. So too the Mayan gods and goddesses.
Ix Chel featured here was/is a major influence.

In three stages

(maiden/               mother and          crone) we see her in this photo.Ix Chel three phases

What does this mean?
The snake is carried in all cultures as a sign of healing and wisdom. In this case we see Ix Chel with a rabbit (fertility/motherhood) in the mid years of her productive life.
She takes the snake off her head (retreats from professional/active healing/teaching life to put her attentions where only she can – her family. Once they are off her hands – the snake is now a wiser and more revered one (in other countries where wise women are still respected).


Often the younger Ix Chel is weaving on her loom (making the world)

The older crone is carrying what could be seen as an upturned womb – it is a clay pot watering (nourishing) the world.


Or here . .


Please remember that in oral traditions there is a tapestry of meaning in all that is presented – and on many layers.

What dies this mean for us in our culture?
We are only really capable of giving 100% to one major role.
The mothering and ensuring that our nest is tidy is the production all women in all tribal situations were embedded in – the men came and went – the women were the stability in the more needed to tend/care for all and to nourish on all levels.

If you are having troubles doing the man and the woman actions in your family – where are the servants? Is you also – and how ever do we all mange this?  Not so well – perhaps have a rethink. Very good question – out sourcing out of the house may not be helping the energy of any of you. Time for a change?

For every thing there is a season . .

You have permission to be  a mum and well . .
In between mum and crone is where I am – free!!!!
Time to serve others – snake back on my head and the rabbits all making their own nests . .