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Receiving the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy throughout pregnancy can bring encourage all imbalances to heal. Particularly if mum-to-be has had a back or other structural concerns prior to conceiving – this can be healed through the same and profoundly effective back work that is incorporated into this. Past birthing or surgical trauma is also undone gently.

The past tendency to have injured self – often without releasing it – from any fall at any time in her life – means that often her uterus is misaligned, and the sacral area is not optimally placed to allow normal nerve, blood, lymph and Qi flow to the placenta and thus to baby’s optimal growth. This is all tied into circulation of all things – past uterine conditions that may signal her pregnancy being seen medically as being ‘high risk’. So it is – if no one corrects what has been set up through her life.

pregnant mamaThe Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy work on all levels, resulting in a safer and gentler progress through from preconception to babe in arms for both mother and baby. Giving instant relief and support to a growing uterus, and relieving almost all pregnancy complaints.

Especially the reasons behind the digestive complaints, and any indications of structural imbalances – pelvic, pubic and all neck tension is relieved through the easy gentle work as the midwifery and napropathic moves are incorporated into whatever else your practitioner does.

In my case – it is combined with all I have developed in the ‘What Dads Can Do’ techniques found here.


By continuing working with the back and the belly as the pregnancy progresses, the stretching ligaments are encouraged into perfect functioning.  This is assisted by your taking note of the increase in ingredients that will make your pregnancy journey so much easier – and safer for baby as s/he will be grown with the very best. More here (my breast feeding site). The Gentling Way (I have incorporated all I have done in the past 40+ years in Brisbane as a healer and teacher) into this –  can instantly and permanently relieve all back, especially sacral torsion and sciatica leading to much easier late pregnancy and birthing ease.

Labour – have a smoother labour, and a quicker second stage

The older Belizean midwives report never losing a mother – or even having woman tear or rip in birthing. Why are we not investigating how to gracefully gently birth? They were strengthening and toning the uterus, ligaments and other pelvic organs, using this massage and the allied back focus helping to place and maintain the uterus in her optimal position. Birthing easily – as women were designed to. The bonus is almost all structural pains are magicked away!!

Arvigo pregnancy work on the floorAll who see an Arvigo® practitioner report off the couch (often though I work on the floor) and instant reduction in all pain and an astounding increase in well being and comfort – often after decades of dealing with what they thought was ‘their lot’.

Rebozo – you can do this at home – maybe lie on the floor with the shawl/sarong /towel under your bum and get someone to gently rock you from side to side – or ‘sift’ you gently as you are seated in a chair – with the Rebozo/shawl above your breasts and under your armpits. More on this here.


I work with women at all stages of life including pre and post baby. As a wise woman who has birthed and reared 4 of her own (now adult) children, I have been exposed to many traditions – and all of them from the older women work. SO too with this Maya healing. I find it essential to undo all that has happened before and around the birth for mum, so she can have the best maternal adventure possible. From my own birthing journey, I also know that the sooner the body is returned to as it was /as it can be – the easier lactation and coping with the phenomenal changes baby brings. I am not only an Arvigo® practitioner. I incorporate this work into what I have done for decades. Yang Sheng – nourishing life – we can return anyone to a more optimum health at any stage of their life journey. More on my healing journey here.

I often see women the day they have birthed as there is so much that is missing in orthodox ‘care’ – the old fashioned past cultures tending mums to ensure all goes well for the rest of her life.

NO COLD or ice allowed – as all Asian and all traditional cultures would attest – they all smoke/steam and roast their women – along with belly binding and spiritual bathing and smudging. I ensure that all sacral and pelvic alignment is as it should be and that all cold and blood loss as a result of the birthing is corrected.  Please note – I work immediately on all new mums as so very often things have gone in a different direction from perfect – and attending to all the hurts on all levels assures a smooth transition to easy mothering. For the usual Maya massage only practitioner – it is stated that after 6 weeks post partum, the new mother may receive a full Mayan abdominal session (only if delivery was normal without complications) This supports the uterus and other organs returning to optimum position.

I work immediately and will always combine all I do as I see is needed


Many Caesarean births could be prevented with this simple, safe, easy to learn massage technique.
The well being of the mother and baby are improved as they prepare for labour and delivery.

For women who have had a C-section, this technique is beneficial for breaking up scar tissue in the same way it works for women who have had hysterectomies. As I am the only practitioner who has done the Mercier training – I incorporated all Dr Mercier has done in addition with my own unique way of working.

Also look to all I have posted around pregnancy and birthing on this self help site for birthing related issues.  Home based dad centred self help is what you may need. . Natural health problem solutions at your fingertips!

Or contact me to undo all that may be bothering you – often when no other health care visits have managed. Why? We need so very often to work on your uterine placement, that in turn allows the entire body to relax back to where it was supposed to be – in perfect alignment.

Do YOU want to be part of this wise womanly hands-on movement?

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