You hold your world (own body/belly)

and your future in your hands

Somewhat burnt out?
Want to rekindle passion?

You may be at a cross roads in your profession

We can do so much with our acupuncture awareness – and meld our heartful hearts into action with the TCM or whatever style you use . .
Magic happens when we help the structure to realign with the blueprint – functionality returns and all flows again.

Upcoming Courses

Maybe reach out as this changes and can appear almost spontaneously depending on demand.

What we do WOMB WORK. .
When she is positioned appropriately, the body can do its wok effortlessly.

I am now helping other practitioners – be they doulas, midwives. acupuncturists, massage plus workers – to undo what is holding a woman’s body stuck in old patterns.  See more here – is an amalgam of all I have been exposed to in life, and in clinic – through the eyes of  an Arvigo trained acupuncture specialist in all things ‘difficult’.

If you wish to be notified of future courses, please contact Heather