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I can help you with anything that seems resistant to change – apparently ‘hopeless’
Let us put you back together again . .


Ever wondered how people lived prior to what in this cultures we see as ‘normal’ orthodox medical help? They lived according to nature and following what their elders knew to guide them through the cycles of life. Her we use many cultures as  a background to what is easily altered – when you follow how the body needs to be. Reach out?

This work is profoundly soothing for your body and soul.

Your body is designed to auto-correct to heal/repair itself?
Maybe – something is blocking this?

At home – your own hands can heal yourself.

Bodies are designed to repair. Together using simple touch we may discover why yours may not have.

Structure determines function

Maya abdominal massage is a gentle non-invasive, external massage that is effective for anyone’s belly/life.

The belly work forms part of a combination of traditional safe techniques that relieve any inner congestion.

Improving the flow of circulatory, lymphatic, fluid and nervous systems and the Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) allows your body to repair.

Wondrous results from letting your body heal – with your own tender daily self cultivation practices – Yang Sheng – Nourishing Life.

 Where did this come from?
Oral traditions steeped in Nature

Sastun My Apprenticeship With A Maya Healer – PREVIEW .
(Dr Rosita Arvigo’s work with Don Elijio Panti is showcased in this film)
Dr Arvigo’s many books can be sourced as her work can also from her official site

YOU can be gently directed back to health – many online programmes containing what I would normally be teaching you in a hands-on session. Presently as this is not possible, we have a suite of courses to chose from.

You will be very pleasantly surprised – there is rarely a time this is not effective at relieving what ails you.

You can


Love Your Self Better!