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    Where was I over summer 2016?
    Advanced Spiritual Healing Retreat in Belize and then in Joshua Tree having my own spirit quest to bring forth the next exciting adventure – the Moving Blockages/Who is a Person books and courses and the Easy Babies text and courses – I started with the teaching webinars for eLotus in USA and now back home to bring forth all the goodies to share . .

H in Rosita's gardenHaving been a women’s health worker in natural therapies for over 38 years, finding the Arvigo® work meant a much missed aspect presented itself – how to teach others to look after themselves, so they did not need to suffer.

Picture taken in Rosita’s garden being transformed by the energies all about.

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Heather Bruce is an accredited teacher of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Advanced Pregnancy (Supporting Pregnancy From Pre Conception through to Post Partum Care), and Maya Spiritual Healing practitioner and a qualified Self Care teacher.

Now added into the mix – my own style of Moving Blockages and the Mercier work – the three together are unlikely to leave you where you started – come see me today!