About Heather

In Dr Rosita’s garden in Feb 2016 – for the advanced spiritual healing class

I am known best for midwiving others out of ‘too hard’ – the passage from infertility to parenthood, from ‘high risk’ pregnancy to easy birthing and maternity, and from diabolical soul, gut, structural and/or gyne or prostatic distress to simple living with grace and ease.

My calling has always involved what is deemed by others to be ‘hopeless’. Especially when pregnancy and even life is doubtful. When all else fails – “call Heather” seems to have been the motto. Together we then follow Nature – back through the journey that may have brought you to your knees – out into easy, happy living in your body and your life.

Combining my own blend of heartful hands, love of soulful classical acupuncture and all things womb and mother centred had allowed me to work where most cannot. Then I found Dr Rosita’s work in 2014. After my already 35 years of being a holistic multi modality multi dimensional transformative energy body aligner, this filled in so many gaps for me – professionally and personally.

Having been a women’s health worker in natural therapies since 1979, finding the Arvigo® work meant a much missed aspect presented itself – how to teach others to look after themselves, so they did not need to suffer. As an accredited teacher of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Advanced Pregnancy (Supporting Pregnancy From Pre Conception through to Post Partum Care), and Maya Spiritual Healing practitioner and until 2018, an Arvigo Self Care teacher, I have merged all my hands-on intuitive body of work into Heather’s Gentling Ways – of Living Ligaments – as all function is determined by structure – the missing piece – let us restore the original design back into your life.

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