Why an accomplished acupuncture consultant became an Arvigo® practitioner

 My world lit up when I discovered the gentle self care that the Arvigo work allows. A welcome teaching tool to give all who see me wanting to heal themselves.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® is remarkable in its simplicity and its results. How? Empowering women, one belly, one life at a time.

We all know that when trained in any modality, it is from a formal construct  as though we have intact the inherent body wisdoms handed down mother – daughter. What underpins life – in the past learned at mother’s knee are now missing. This assumed knowledge allows life to flow.

lightful uterus copyWhat I gained from my first Self Care course

When I heard this course was on, (as there were so few courses offered – this was the last for six months) – I knew that there was no time to lose – and instantly booked myself into it. June 2013. Not knowing what to expect, I flew down to Melbourne, and sat in total awe of all that I had not known. The course put together so much of what I had been exposed to in a way that was so easy yet so profound.

As a women’s specialist all these years I wondered how it was that all of this practical traditional wisdom had not filtered into any of the courses/texts that were on offer. So many obvious things that have been missed/assumed in all I had done to date – and all presented here so simply.

The entire course content cemented all that I had covered in my professional and personal life. I gained an understanding of how everything fit together.

In the past I had been exposed to, and learned much from. . .

  • Classical acupuncture
  • Western herbs and Bach, then other vibrational flower, gem and shell essences
  • Aura Soma and its usage over the past 27 years
  • My love of gardening and nature
  • Antakarana meditation
  • All my own development of Moving Blockages style acupuncture
  • My Pelvic Opening work developed as a result of my maternal health initiatives
  • All my exposure to women’s work in sexuality and transformation
  • And of course all I had seen play out in students’, patients’ and my own lives.

I came away with a much broader understanding of what I myself had been teaching all these decades – the missing piece was now available! Initially I saw that my own self-care as be second to this. Little did I know that doing the work on myself, I would see my own massive health shifts!!

What I learned in becoming a professional care provider of this work.

Within a month I was at the first professional training. Revolutionary. What was a surprise was the change of pace – the amount of anatomy we were exposed to as the foundation of what is lost in all academic trainings. This work actually heals and allows the body to reboot back to optimal functioning, No need for anything other than sensible living and self care daily/weekly. Magic!!

Constantly practicing on each other, we gradually worked out how to make massive shifts on the pretty picture of lotustable for all. And we did. Totally reorganized body as a result. We saw transformation in all. Adding this into my usual practice – there was no longer the need for people to keep visiting the physical therapists all had. Fixed! Especially the twisted pelvises and the broken sacrums resulting in monthly problems all just take as being normal women’s business. – the chiro/physio – all a thing of the past – as long as all looked after themselves.

This altered my practice. And teaching  -as the woman who is in the business of transforming others’ ways of practicing acupuncture – esp through my ‘What Dads Can Do’ and Transformative Healing packages . . All consulting me have a new therapist – a unique blend of wise woman’s medicines. The past lack of self maintenance,is addressed – here is how to gently love yourself well.

What I gained in attending my Spiritual Healing course – straight after the PCT

I loved the work – I came home to myself!
Nature, being open to receive and to just be

What gifts!
Always always Nature’s hand to guide us – if we still to listen.

What I discovered from assisting at my first Self Care course.4 candles

The transformation of the participants – I was not prepared for. The whole focus of this workshop is experiential. It is about self-cleansing. It is a very safe sacred circle and the assistants are there to encourage the inner processes. All went deeply inside over the weekend. Often gently releasing. Participants were taken through a journey that seemed to be easier than anything else I have witnessed in all these years of helping people who uncover what was hiding within. The techniques used – as in – they may think that they are learning procedures to do – the course seems to be a front for the weekend’s adventure into self, coming out the other side more open, vulnerable and ready to be more of who they are.

What I gained from assisting at my second Self Care course.

all withinBeing an assistant again a month later, I got to see a very different group: same teacher.

The content shifts depending on the audience. The second experience was more intimate again – possibly as it was also a retreat – most did not ‘go home’ over the whole days.

This meant all were ‘in the energy’ and seemed to thus be able to go even deeper.

What I gained from being prepared to teach Self Care courses.

The process of finding innovative ways to present my topic – male anatomy and physiology – meant the aspects of adult education – making all interesting and likely to add onto what all already know – had me come up with a very different ‘take’ on the subject. As a fertility specialist, I see the entire process is falling down as all seem to have a Henry VIIIth attitude – making quality babies is all about her age (not about the quality of his contribution – which itself is dependent on his health).

pink peoniesMy presentation made it very clear that this is all our medicine – not just a women’s therapy. We essentially are all the same – just have bits in different places doing different things. I am sure all will remember. All fledgling teachers did a startlingly brilliant job. Watching others do ‘their’ thing was wonderful. This teaching event was totally supported by the impressive little manual that is part of the course materials that all take home. I had no idea just how useful it was til I was teaching the subjects. I saw just how much is now supported by the years of honing this material for westerners.

(Remember that this is me after 37 years of being a worker with others’ health challenges.) I feel that all wanting to become any form of healing capacity, not only to look after themselves first – and thus have a full ‘cup’ to assist others – should go through this before they start in their field of choice’s training.

It gives the context – we all started with oral traditions and self care ass pre written words and modern drugs/surgery – what worked chad kept all alive. Naturally. The actual basic message – the organs can get out of place, wander about, and then affect the rest of the body function forever – is just not covered in anything else.

If you are thinking if doing a Self Care course – please jump in. Delicious . .
You will not be disappointed. A weekend of being invited and encouraged to go deeper to what set you and your life in motion – lovingly looked after, and coming away with a new appreciation of your body and your life.

What I have gained in teaching this work

I feel honoured to be able to facilitate all though the journey of undoing what has bound them before – now into freedom. With the scared space and the loving assistants, we can watch layers of self beliefs and the physical results of congestion all melt away. Undone so gently and effectively. Combining a pre course day of my own teachings as an option has meant that the experience of being human, of finding what can be done, and allowing the process as part of a soul group to allow easy transformation.

What I have gained in amalgamating this work into what I had always done

A huge shift in how much I have to do as when all is aligned the body heals itself.
A huge shift into causation – what set this in motion for the person on my table? Understanding the energy and emotional incidents that have created and caused the imbalance to stay means all can the release themselves. Self care is all about loving and respecting oneself – not taught or value in our modern society – but there is only one body to live in – and looking after this one will mean a happier, and more fulfilled life!

What I have gained in being in Belize (Feb 2016)

H in Rosita's gardenSerenity

I loved being in the simplicity.
Also to feel were the work was originally and to walk the paths that Don Elijio and Rosita did all those years ago – to be immersed in the nature, to see the people, and to just be.

To then go into the spiritual healing classes and feel how the plants and the flowers speak to us – when we quieten down so we can listen!

The understanding that we are all on our pwn journey and to go back to the garden to surround ourselves with nature is the only way to truly heal.

What I have gained from the Advanced Spiritual Healing retreat.

I got myself back.
The meditation that I had done decades ago sustained me.
All the gardening, the working in and with nature, the everything I had done to date – all coalesced for me. I healed myself.
We all can.

Ask for assistance and go to nature.

Simple steps – start here

Mayan woman copalThis is copal being burned as a way to undo the energies that need to move on.

Prayer and intention is also required.
You can find yourself in a shop that sells these tools and when you come into my space sometimes you will smell the residue – it is incredibly calming to pay attention to that which actually is there – just not in the physical realms – yet what upsets us us easily.

Clearing the space allows you clarity.

It definitely shifts whatever is left after I work with people

Used daily to start afresh

2017 – After having taught 6 Self Care courses in 9 months in two countries.

The depth and beauty of world wide women’s wisdoms – and the elder traditions need restoring into our conversations is very obvious, as we all have an inner life – and we are all not tapping iCamellias 1nto this..

All have access still to the ‘old wives’ tales’ that they were brought up with – and all still return in times of trouble to – to the ‘default’ setting when all else fails – the hearth.

Women and their ways are pervasive – and we can reinstate them in this coming generation – with patience – as we age – so does our wisdom shine.

My last course was the most interesting as we instantly transformed into spiritual healing – go to see as we all did – just how powerful steaming is and how it transforms all.

As I use Aura Soma liberally all through the work have done for the past 28 years – a form of spiritual bathing – we all felt massive shifts and were able to travel far within as we all shifted through this powerful work.

2018 March Update – another 3 courses in 3 months.

I always feel the effects of teaching these within me – it lifts me ever higher.
It is an honour to be able to lead women through the maze of their own creation into what has been their ‘story’ up until now.

Later in the year I will venture into not-my-space-to-do this – in Cairns . .

Till mid year I am traveling teaching my own work. To acupuncturists BUT if you feel to have me and my Gentling Way work – the Arvigo Self Care is the beginning – preferably with me teaching it as we all bring our own flavour. I am constantly amazed that so few women – especially health care workers – have any idea of what the women’s body is and does. Not from a medicalised but a structural point of view – uterine positioning and past sacral /coccygeal breaks rule all that we live it – and to ‘fix’ anything we need to start from the beginning.
I always focus on the work of Reich and the armour band blockages and thus the gut – can it support life?

From there – the unraveling of what is in the way of our own unique gifts.
Come in and join the tribe of aware women –

world wide women’s wisdoms is what we all need!

The Gentling Way


I am very grateful and feel blessed that I can hold the space

for those who wish to dive within.

Healing themselves – one woman at a time ..

In sacred circle.

Gently, we love ourselves free!!