Endometriosis: Prevention & Recovery: Mini workshop Brisbane varous dates through the year . .10 am -2pm

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Endometriosis Prevention & Recovery

This will be put on every few months – email Heather

Spend a day uncovering why you or your daughter is having such a woeful time being a woman.

So very often you have done all that everyone has suggested – and you still are troubled!
Please come and see what you can do to help yourself.

Have you had enough of being told that is your lot?
Nothing can be done?
You may have to have a hysterectomy after IVF as that is the only way to have children?

A day to undo all that masses of maroon_pink peoniesails you – included here is a demonstration of safe intimate care products.

Learn and how to run your woman’s body to assure yourself and your loved one an easy life as a woman. Small class – heaps of answers.

Safe, informative and fun. Mini sessions given as you explore how to help yourself. and others.


What you will receive

  • Inspiring ways for you to undo what is messing with normal
  • Small manual on menstrual self help
  • Practical tuition on easy touching you can do at home to enhance life flows.
  • Hands on healing demos and the opportunity to work on others – and to receive.
  • Demonstrations on how safe intimate care works and why you need to bleed/use only the menstrual aids that support life.
  • Healthy snacks

All within the healing sanctuary that is found at Heather’s clinic ‘

Clinic garden Nov 2015Acupuncture Plus’

46 Hecklemann St.
Carina Heights, Brisbane

More info needed?
Ring Heather (07) 3899 2274

Early bird payment available – till a week prior to the event

Totally separate to the Maya Self Care course, but together can easily be the transformation you need to become all of who you wish to be. (See more here).

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