Your own self care – and where could you take this next?

Your body – your responsibility for healing



Shall we become womb centric?

Centre of our being . .

When womb is in wrong spot – nothing works.

 Shall we learn more?


 Where to start?

Gentling – not forcing

We all start online as self paced self care and self mastery

2021 – we all know how this has gone – online – OR if you are anywhere in NZ – you could get to me.  .

Self soothing and perineal steaming – are the beginnings

Your hands – my work

 Maybe come to a hands -on practical . .

Maybe you DO live in NZ .  . .

Incredible practicals . .
My healing retreat in rural West Coast, South Island
See what I can do – and with new graduates who have been busy all through the locked down times – growing.

Acupuncturists  maybe let us start back at the foundation . .as I did.  .

ONLY in rural NZ

 Maybe you think . . .

Cup full?
Maybe take a break to help you and yourself. .

Undo what we cart around with us.

Reichian armour bands?
Maybe we could learn anything here – so many lineages and versions of many modalities. . .

We need to spread out – ripple out – practical Lightfilled

2021 Learning more

Selfing . . .

MUST start on line . .and we will hopefully be let out soon – and the graduate trainee teachers may be near you.
Was thinking of being overseas . .now I am in NZ  and w can do this all online. .

Transformative Healing package – hierarchy of meridians and Triage to undo what blocks healing.

Heather’s Gentling Way we respect the fact that the body stores everything that ever happened to it.

Selfing – online courses – Self Soothing andPerineal Steaming onto Foundational Moves – all that you can instantly apply in your private and professional lives.
It all works . .

Everyone is instructed on how to perform the abdominal massage on themselves.  Depending on the severity of the problem, it may take as little as one session and as long as many months for your inner balance to be restored and possibly your uterine position to be corrected. Ligaments must gain enough strength and elasticity for it to stay in place.

Most find that they experience a rapid improvement in their quality of life/sense of well being when they take charge of their self care regularly. “It’s too simple Heather”

Yes – exactly . .