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In Brisbane presently we are fortunate enough to have 3 practitioners who are qualified to work in the Maya fertility and pregnancy ways – myself, Nicola who has come up from Melbourne to work in the Life Alignment Centre (Maternal and Menstrual Rescues especially) and a mother of 9 home birthed babies and grandmother of many – plus a herbally inspired and professionally trained lactation consultant and midwife Caron Spurway who are able to tend you with all the fertility/pregnancy and general professional care tra9ining, plus add in all they can offer as experienced women’s workers.

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Is one of the practitioners at the newly set up Maternal and Menstrual Rescues in Life Alignment Centre, Coorparoo . .

“I am a practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, including the pregnancy and fertility specialty. My background is in nursing but I had to move away from this as I became more in tune and align with my heart space.
I came to this work after trying to conceive as a single woman in my early forties and experiencing the roller coaster affects of IVF. Looking back now I can see this was a transformational journey of self-love and deep healing. I feel very privileged and blessed to have experienced this even though the desired outcome wasn’t achieved. My own story has enabled me to have a non judgmental attitude to the reasons people come and see me. It has brought me much more compassion and unconditional love to help them on their journey. I see vulnerability is a sign of great strength and courage and privilege to witness. It is my intention to create a safe space for this to be released to help people love their life again.”

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