Arvigo® sessions

The gentle Arvigo® work has the potential to heal your entire body

The combination of the naprapathic and many midwives’ techniques, in addition to the belly work means all is reconnected to perfect positioning. Along with the use of my 40+ years of using my own style of body work and classical acupuncture, you will not feel as you did on arrival, upon finishing a session.

How does this happen?

All nerve supply comes from the spine. If the ligaments are out of alignment; the organs will also be out of balance. There will be excessive pulling resulting in often constant back and structural problems.  Regardless of how diligent you have been about attending other body mechanics and workers, this may not be resolved until you correct the initial problem – the centre of the wheel is off centre. addressed . Often going back years. Left picture hows a normally positioned uterus. right one shows a left backwards tilt. This will give structural back /leg and often entire body aching and symptoms, as nothing is in the right position.

Most women experience a displaced or tilted uterus at some stage of their lives.
Even with a uterus removed, the adhesions, and other scar tissues resulting from years of misplacement still affect all inner circulation – hence the profoundness of this work.


Don Elijio firmly believed after his lifetime of work that a woman’s centre is her uterus. “If a woman’s uterus is out of balance, so is she,” he would say. Midwives and healers of Central America agree that most female troubles are caused by the wandering womb.

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Uterus (normal size) centred correctly                         Pre menstrual uterus tited to the front and left

A common problem is a fall or incident that has broken the coccyx (tailbone) and /or sacrum.
As the sacrum is hinged in women, and as all often fall especially when little – when coming off a bike, off horses or down stairs – there is often a huge problem.

Sometimes correcting your sacrum and past injury heals your entire body.

Come in and see what we may be able to do together to at least make your life more comfortable. To learn more about how you can easily transform your life – natural health problem solutions at your fingertips – see Heather in Brisbane!

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